About Calandria Labour Consultants

Competing for the most experience and qualified candidates in today’s employment marketplace poses significant challenges. When business requirements demand for multiple hires within a short timeframe, these challenges have increased cost implications and hinder your ability to meet business objectives.

Your staff is a vital component of your business’ success. Unfortunately, too many businesses are caught up in the processes. Searching for suitable talent, pinpoint sifting through CVs, responding to candidates, arranging interviews and checking references are all very necessary but time-consuming and costly exercises which your business does not also have to deal with in an already full everyday commercial environment.

A Proven Solution

Calandria Labour Consultants offers an outsourced approach to optimise your talent acquisition, to manage multiple hires within a specific timeframe. Our consultants use our proven method to deliver seamless, workflow-driven talent acquisition strategies that can help you secure the right talent, quickly and effectively. Before engagement, our consultants will work with you and your business to fully understand your requirements and business culture to develop a customised strategy to identify, attract and retain talent. Once the project is under way, our team follows a tightly integrated process and timeline to deliver multiple hires without sacrificing quality, professionalism or efficiency. Our proven processes for candidate care, screening and evaluation ensure that you reach the right people to meet the needs of your business.

We understand our clients’ manpower requirements, the importance of procuring the candidate with the desired profile and assist you in recruiting them with our industry expertise.

We understand that companies today require more than skilled candidates. They desire employees who are productive, exhibit positive attitudes and have the ability to become part of their team.

Customer Service

Calandria Labour Consultants is a company that manage contracts for both temporary and permanent employees throughout South Africa.


The fundamental blocks of building and running a stable business will not be complete without a competent and dependable workforce.

Expert Solutions

We provide the best professionals, backed with solid years of expertise, experience and knowledge, who can integrate solutions for your business needs.

Skilled Personel

Skills, Expertise and Excellence make our company unique. We at Calandria Labour Consultants believe that every employee is a valuable asset. 

Company Summary

Calandria Labour Consultants is a company that manage contracts for both temporary and permanent employees throughout South Africa. Calandria’s office is situated in Vanderbijlpark and has serviced customers since 2005. The challenges to cope with the advances of technology and the ever-growing demands of the markets are some of the major concerns of businesses.

Complexities of running the daily operations, managing the cash flow, providing excellent products and services, hitting the sales revenues – these impact the business cycle and more importantly, the capacity of the organisation to get ahead of the competition while maintaining customer satisfaction and increasing their revenues. The fundamental blocks of building and running a stable business will not be complete without a competent and dependable workforce.

At Calandria Labour Consultants, we believe that employees are the best asset in any company, regardless of the business size, industry and market share. We provide the best professionals, backed with solid years of expertise, experience and knowledge, who can integrate solutions for your business needs.

Skills, Expertise and Excellence make our company unique. We at Calandria Labour Consultants believe that every employee is a valuable asset. Providing businesses with the workforce, who has a multitude of skills and experience, our company has been able to respond to the staffing needs of businesses in various industries, ranging from small and medium enterprises to corporations.

No matter how simple or complex the requirement may be, we can provide the best match to deliver the services you need.

Our Vison, Mission & Status


  • Partner with clients to best deliver on their needs requirements.

  • Strive to employ and supply the best breed of employees to meet and exceed client’s expectations.

  • Deal with all stakeholders honestly and openly - thus promoting and fostering values of trust, transparency, integrity in all our interactions with clients, clients’ employees, suppliers, our own employees, the Department of Labour, MEIBC etc.


Calandria Labour Consultants endeavours to be dedicated, experienced and professional experts of choice to businesses across a broad spectrum in their own core areas of Labour Hire and related HR services.

BBBEE Status

Calandria Labour Consultants is a Level 2 BBBEE rated entity.

Recruitment Optimisation

Our Recruitment Model

  • Calandria Labour Recruitment Optimisation model is designed to address the pressure HR departments are under to reduce their cost-per-hire when embarking upon volume recruitment drives.

  • Our service empowers customers to significantly increase their direct candidate pipeline.

  • Customers can take advantage of our expertise to improve candidate response, decrease time-to-hire and manage specific hiring projects from internal resources.

What can Calandria Labour Consultants do for you as a Client?

Engage with both client and employees to ensure productivity levels are met and maintained.

Deal with any disciplinary and termination issues which arise. Source employees with the required skills and manage a variety of appropriate employment contracts.

 Engage with unions, the department of labour and bargaining council.

Pay all employees the wage rates stipulated in the industry main agreements, the department of labour wage determinations and or the market related wages for specific skills.

Ensure that Calandria Labour Consultants is accountable and responsible in so far as employment risk is concerned, thus translating into reduced legal exposure for the client. Benefit our valued clients by improving on the time management previously spent on dealing with employee related matters, thus affording clients’ management to focus on their core business and related matters.

On-site visits of clients to ensure optimal adherence to our obligations and client satisfaction.

RPO Summary (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Our Recruitment Process

Calandria Labour Consultants (RPO’s) act as a company’s internal recruitment function for a portion, or the entire requirement. Calandria Labour Consultants manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through to on-boarding of new employees. A properly managed RPO will improve a company’s route to market (contingency, high volume and search), company’s time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost and improve compliance.

This offering is designed for organisations with significant and consistent hiring needs. With experience gained, they have the ability and experience to completely integrate into your organisation, understand your company culture, and develop lasting relationships with both hiring managers and candidates, in line with the agreed project plan and time lines. This is most appropriate for a business going through start-up, relocation or period of expansion.

Calandria Labour Consultants’ Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions reduce employers’ recruitment costs with a flexible pay-for-performance model that deploys recruitment more efficiently when undertaking volume recruitment projects. Calandria Labour Consultants RPO service provides customers with a dedicated on-site or off-site professional. 

Create a centralised and dedicated recruitment process for the business;

Benefits to the client:

  • Reduce cost-per-hire and time-to-hire;

  • Enhance direct recruitment marketing;

  • Particular emphasis on web initiatives;

  • Increase quality-of-hire;

  • Acquire the best talent in competitive marketplace;

  • Reduced attrition and improved retention rates;

  • Flexible recruitment costs allow you to manage budget effectively;

  • Ability to hit the ground running;

  • Access to Calandria Labour network;

  • Eliminate the need to advertise directly;

  • Reduces advertising cost through Calandria Labour agreements;

  • Increase advertising, attract increased candidate response;

  • Increase quality-of-hire by allowing HR to focus on relevant candidates;

  • Substantially reduce time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.

The approach lets client:

  • Create a centralised and dedicated recruitment process for the business;

  • Define a leading sourcing strategy including marketing and networking;

  • Be flexible when embarking on hiring projects;

  • Reduce risk when managing volume and executive staffing initiatives;

  • Remove administrative duties, including negotiation and contract formulation;

  • Focus on HR business issues and strategic activities.

Phases of successful staffing:

  • Understanding the company;

  • Assignment specification;

  • Identification;

  • Progress meetings;

  • Selection progress;

  • Reference checking;

  • Presentation of candidates;

  • Final negotiations;

  • Integration;

  • Ensuring quality.

Our Services

Our capabilities are completely scalable and our process provides industry-leading results, regardless of the size of your company or the project in question. 

Some of the areas where we assist our clients are:

Facilitating your global reach:

  • Transcending the gender and geographical barriers, we identify the potential candidates from local or national locations, depending on your requirements by industry, profession and profile.

Serving all the industries and corporate companies:

  • We have a wealth of experience gained within blue-chip and high-tech organisations across all the possible sectors.

  • We specialise in finding and placing workforce, professionals and senior management for companies across all industry sectors.

Searching for the candidates:

  • We know where to locate the key people of interest and how to generate their interest in your job opportunity. We strive to find the perfect match.

Short listing candidates:

  • If required and on clients’ request, we conduct a full search for the best candidates for your vacancies and then interview and pre-qualify them. This round is taken by industry specialist as well as HR consultants to evaluate the candidate on dual criteria of professional knowledge and individual fit in the prospective organisation.

Temporary staffing service:

  • Calandria Labour Consultants’ temporary staffing services help employing organisations to meet short term needs.

  • Temporary staffing service assists companies to fill-in for positions of absent employees or assists in supplementing the existing staff during periods of high workload.

Long-term staffing / Project staffing / Contract staffing services:

  • Calandria Labour Consultants Global provides skilled and trained professionals for a fixed or flexible contract period to the client’s locations.

  • This provides an opportunity for the client to control their head count and ensure in time recruitment for critical requirement avoiding the overheads of a full time employee.

Term-to-perm / Contract to hire staffing services:

  • Calandria Labour Consultants also provides contract to hire services and assists a company to employ an employee on a temporary basis for purpose of evaluating whether the employee meet its satisfaction.

  • After critical evaluation of consultant’s capabilities and managerial skills while on the job, the client organisation may decide on absorbing the team deputed on their project, under mutually accepted terms.

Multi skilling:

  • The employee becomes exposed to a variety of skills and industries.

Greater job security:

  • Employees can be transferred when and where projects are complete.

Legal protection:

  • The employee is secure in knowing that the company complies with all legal requirements.

Why Calandria Labour Consultants?

Why choose us?

  • We are a group of professionals, who has professional experience with renowned corporates.

  • We have a wide corporate service network with a highly qualified, experienced and committed team.

  • Calandria Labour Consultants makes a promise to our customers – a promise to not only meet, but consistently exceed expectations.

  • Calandria Labour Consultants strives to find the right fit- both in terms of skills and work culture.

  • Our team has the ability to conduct focused searches for critical and key sets and positions.

  • We believe in using and placing premium staff to add value to future driven companies.

  • As a business, we strive to render the highest standard of services to our clients by taking care of the employment process and administration.

  • We believe in dealing on an exclusive basis with both the client and contractors to ensure long term mutual relationships based on trust and insight.

  • An 24 hour average turnaround time.

Our Strengths

What are our strengths?

  • Better understanding of HR requirement and implementation of process quality at the right time.

  • Highly effective & efficient in our process.

  • Identify and contact high potential candidates faster than the competition.

  • Provides cutting edge solutions through our vast network of professional references & quality head hunters.

  • Striving for client centric solutions,

  • Keep recruitment cost down and improve quality.

  • On time and with extra effort.

  • Access to “best in class” expertise and technology.

  • Online and offline advertising, along with professional networking; 

  • Preparation of profile specifications and advert writing; 

  • Develop and manage relationships with management, in relation to culture, requirement, and structural mapping;

  • CV administration and screening of candidate applications;

  • Internal networking and submitting to HR/or Line Managers;

  • Assessments done on different trades.

Types of Labour we Supply

What variety of labourers do we supply?

We supply qualified tradesmen, semi-skilled and unskilled workers to the industry.


  • Supervisors / Foremen

  • All types of Boilermakers

  • Pipe fabricators

  • Pipe fitters

  • Welders - All classes and types

  • Fitters (Mechanical)

  • Turners

  • Milling machine operators

  • Boring mill operators ( CNC and manual)

  • Electricians

  • Riggers

  • Millwrights

  • Mobile crane drivers

  • Semi-skilled artisans

  • Handymen

  • Slingers

  • Labourers

  • Security personnel

  • Office Staff


  • Aviation

  • Legal

  • Banking

  • FMCG

  • Manufacturing

  • Sales

  • Distribution

  • Human Resource

  • Chemical

  • Medical / Pharmaceutical

  • Transport / Logistics

  • Agriculture

  • Insurance

  • Mining

  • Management / Executive

  • IT / Engineering / Communication

Calandria Labour Consultants contribute to all the employees the wage rates stipulated in the industry main agreements, the Department of Labour wage determinations and or the market related wages for specific skills.

Calandria Labour Consultants Terms and Conditions can be obtained on request.

Compliance Certification and Policy

Certificates of Compliance

  • Company Registration

  • UIF

  • PAYE

  • SDL

  • VAT

  • Compensation Commissioner

  • Regional Service Council

Company Work Policies Accordance to:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Policy

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

  • ISO 18001 OHSAS Occupational Health & Safety Policy

  • Code of Conduct

The Calandria Team

Jaco Steenekamp


Brenda Steenekamp

HR & Admin Manager

Christo Fritz

IR & Manager

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23 Hertz Blvd, Vanderbijlpark C. W. 1, Vanderbijlpark, 1900


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